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Before I spill the Christmas gifting tips tea, let me take you back—not to 2023 BC but somewhere around 2018 or so. So, there I was at this Christmas bash thrown by a friend. He WhatsApped me that it was a 'Secret Santa' theme party, so I went there fully decked up as Santa with a belly and a bag of candies. But even in my wildest dreams, I had not thought the 'Secret Santa' was something else.

Honestly, I'm still blaming him for not decoding the theme the RIGHT WAY. 

To cut to the chase, when the 'Secret Santa' theme finally dropped next year again, I was not only surprised but kinda impressed too. It was like a plot twist in my Christmas gifting saga. The drill was simple: gift something anonymously, get something anonymously. Easy peasy.

Initially, like 80% of the crowd, I was swimming in a sea of chocolate packs. But then there was this dude, 'Harshit,' who boldly went where no Secret Santa had gone before. He gifted his crush a dazzling box of socks. Yeah, socks! Weird, right? But hold up, she (not his wife today, though) not only loved it but showered him with praise for being practical.

(I know this because harshit brags about it a lot. Boys, I tell you.) 

Since that day, I decided to start a mission on christmas gifting: to gift something useful, practical, budget-friendly, and fun to my friends and family. Today, I'm passing these tips on to you.

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Secret santa formula 1- Socks as practical christmas gifting
Secret santa formula 2- Hankies as stylish and handy christmas gifting hex-a-fun
My christmas gifting bag

Secret santa formula 1- Socks as practical christmas gifting 

christmas themed socks gift box

Check Them Out

Think of yourself as Harshit, trying to impress your office crush or college crush. But hey, no discrimination here—girls, you're totally allowed to gift socks to your crush too!

In my Christmas gifting bag, I've got everything from ankle to crew to no-show socks, bursting with vibrant and quirky prints. They're like the chameleons of the sock world—fitting for everyone, no matter the foot size.

Hold the mistletoe! There's more—Christmas-themed ankle and crew-length socks. If you or your giftee are hitting up a Christmas bash at home or with pals, these socks are bound to steal the spotlight. They're so cozy, toasty, and chic that they'll match flawlessly with any outfit.

Secret santa formula 2- Hankies as stylish and handy christmas gifting

quirky printed hankies christmas gift box

Check Them Out

What's more useful than a box of colorful and quirky printed hankies? Not only are they useful for wiping tears, but they can also be styled as a bandana, wristband, necktie, and whatnot.

This pack of four hankies is spot-on for Christmas gifting. I know this year you're the Secret Santa for that friend who uses tissues as if snow is showering without counting.

Again, don't you dare think that these hankies are pretty and only for girls. No, bro! From boys to girls to kids, my Christmas gifting bag has everything. In case anyone in your friend or family circle has kids, these hankies are perfect for soaking up their accidental spills, drools, and even best for cool parents who want their babies to look stylish.

hex-a-fun- My christmas gifting bag

christmas gift box with socks and hankies

Check Them Out

Let me tell you what my Christmas gifting bag is called. It's called hex-a-fun. In my bag, I have quirky socks, handkerchiefs, stoles, and shoe bags. From boys to girls to kids, I have everything. In case you got the picture from above of what Secret Santa formula you're going to use, great! If not, my bag isn't empty yet. My bag is like Mary Poppins', practically bottomless.

Check out this link to see what's in the bag. I also have colorful stoles, shoe bags, and Christmas gift boxes with both socks and hankies.

Thank you, 

Your Secret Santa for quirky and fun Christmas gifting 

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