Men Handkerchief vs Pocket Square-What's The Difference?

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When it comes to men's styling, the pocket square is the all-time go-to accessory. Often, a gentleman's entire glam can be shaped around the accessories adorning their outfits, from belts to pocket squares to brooches. But aren’t handkerchiefs enough? Or can they be used as pocket squares, and vice versa?

Relax, we have a solution for everything. Let’s delve into the world of two often-confused accessories: the handkerchief and the pocket square. While both reside in your pocket, their purposes and personalities are as different as a white tee and a tuxedo. So, let's iron out the wrinkles and answer the burning question: handkerchief vs. pocket square, what's the deal?

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Functionality first
Can your handkerchief do double duty?
Style tips for the pocket square hanky:
Handkerchief vs. pocket square: The final verdict

Functionality first

The key lies in their purpose. A handkerchief is the workhorse, your trusty companion for everyday needs. Think blowing your nose, wiping away sweat, or offering a helping hand (literally) to someone in need. Made from absorbent materials like cotton, they're built for practicality and frequent washing.

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On the other hand, a pocket square is the flamboyant extrovert of the handkerchief vs. pocket square duo. Crafted from delicate silks or linens, it's an accessory designed to boost your personality and polish your attire. Think of it as the finishing touch to your stylish outfit, drawing the eye and enhancing your overall look.

Can your handkerchief do double duty?

Now, the question arises: can a handkerchief moonlight as a pocket square in the handkerchief vs. pocket square debate? The answer, my friend, is a cautious yes. If your handkerchief is made of a presentable fabric like cotton and doesn't have any telltale "used" marks, it can pull off a quick transformation. However, remember:

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  • Material matters: Choose a handkerchief made from lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton. Avoid thick, absorbent materials that will bulge in your pocket.
  • Size it up: Opt for a larger handkerchief that can be folded neatly to fit within the pocket square dimensions.
  • Pattern play: Go for solid colors or funky patterns that complement your outfit.

Style tips for the pocket square hanky:

  • Fold it right: Experiment with different folds like the presidential or the puff fold to create a crisp, polished look.
  • Coordinate, don't clash: Choose colors and patterns that complement your tie, shirt, or jacket.
  • Let your personality shine: Don't be afraid to rock a bold print that reflects your unique style.

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Hey, do you wanna know more about how to fold pocket squares or how you can rock handkerchiefs as pocket squares with different folds? Check out our pocket square folding tips blog and get inspired.

Handkerchief vs. pocket square: The final verdict

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Now that you've explored the fascinating world of handkerchiefs and pocket squares, it's clear that handkerchiefs were traditionally designed for practical purposes like wiping tears and blowing noses, while pocket squares served as a purely aesthetic accessory for blazers.

However, the modern era has seen a shift, with handkerchiefs increasingly playing both functional and fashionable roles.

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