How To Pack Your Shoes In The Best Organizing & Space-Saving Way Possible


You've got your outfits ready, and you're all set to bombard your friends’ Instagram feed with cool pictures of your upcoming adventure. But wait, THE HORROR—you've no clue how to pack shoes for travel in that suitcase without getting your clothes dirty?

Don’t you think your shoes deserve a separate vacation in their own cozy bag? If you’re shaking your head in agreement and dreading the shoe-packing dilemma, believe us, you’re not the only one.

Packing shoes for a trip can be a total nightmare, and if you don't plan it out, you're looking at a messy, space-wasting situation. And hey, remember, a chaotic shoe bag is basically a sign of a chaotic mind! Whether you’re a shoe lover carrying five of your best pairs or trying to cut down on your options like a contestant on a game show, don’t panic! We’ve got your back (and your feet)! 

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3 ways to pack shoes with hex-a-fun's shoe bags

  1. Individual shoe bags for each pair
  2.  Roll them up
  3. Maximum utilization

Why shoe bags are perfect for different types of travelers

Shoe bags for organizing ‘After Travel’

Stick around for some super-smart tips on packing shoes like a boss. Ready?

3 ways to pack shoes with hex-a-fun's shoe bags

Let's dive into three fun ways to make your shoes feel like they're on a cozy vacation:

     1. Individual shoe bags for each pair

 - It's like giving each shoe its own VIP room! Pop those shoes into their own shoe bag and say bye-bye to shoe keeper box. No more scuffs or scratches—just pure shoe bliss. Plus, finding your perfect pair is as easy as picking candy from a jar.

No more search hunts, just instant shoe gratification. And guess what? Spills, dirt, and damage stand no chance. Your shoes are arriving in style—pristine and ready to strut!

     2. Roll them up

  - Packing shoes for travel can be fun and easy with hex-a-fun’s shoe bags! Slide them into the shoe bags, cinch that drawstring, and roll the top of the bag like you fold your clothes. Now, stack 'em up in your suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag— vertically or horizontally, your call!

Saving space? Oh, you bet! And the best part? Your shoes stay in tip-top shape, no unwanted creases are allowed. It's like packing with a magic wand (but, you know, it's a shoe bag).

    3. Maximum utilization

- Get ready to be the cleverest packer in town! Toss in some socks, accessories, or even a tiny shoe cleaning kit into those shoe bags. It's like turning your shoes into secret storage compartments. Your shoes are happy, your socks are cozy, and the little extras snugly fit inside. Voila!

Maximum space-saving and functionality in one go. Who said packing shoes can be a puzzle?

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Why shoe bags are perfect for different types of travelers

Still confused? Or have different tastes in packing shoes, or all together you are picky in packing your luggage for travel. Don’t worry we have something for you as well.

  • The Messy Ones - A shoe-pocalypse in your luggage:

Oh gosh, the messy packers! If you're the type of traveler who likes to throw everything in your luggage without much thought, then our first tip (individual shoe bags for each pair) is your savior in mastering how to pack shoes for travel.

They will keep your sneakers, crocs, and heels separate from your clothes and other items, so you don't have to worry about dirt, odor, or stains.

  • The Most Organized - OCD shoe edition:

If you're the super-organized type who color-coordinates and labels everything, including your shoes, we salute you! You probably have an Excel spreadsheet to track your footwear collection too!

From tips 1 to 3, any of them will do for you, but since you like bonus marks, hex-a-fun has funky and bright shoe bags that will go well with your awesome skills of how to pack shoes for travel. Check out this link and buy your favorite one. Cool, right?

  • The Light Travelers - One pair to rule them all:

For those who pack light, it's all about versatility. Probably tip number 3 (maximum utilization) would be best for you. One pair of shoes that go with every outfit, and you're good to go!

One shoe bag with one pair of shoes keeps all your accessories in one place without having to search or hunt for various other zipper locks. Bravo! With the packing hack, you are now a master at traveling light.

Wait, the picture is still left our friend

Shoe bags for organizing ‘After Travel’

Now that you’ve mastered the art of how to pack shoes for travel and know exactly which tribe of travelers you belong to (no judgment!), but when you finally return from your wanderlust journeys, do you really want a shoe apocalypse waiting for you at home? Hell, no!

That's where our superhero tip comes in: The shoe bags! These sassy little organizers not only keep your kicks in check but also shield them from dust and mishaps. Hang 'em, stack 'em, and with a mere peek at the labeled bags, your perfect pair awaits any event. And can happily say sayonara to shoe keeper boxes.

To understand more about how you can organize your shoes with shoe bags, check out this blog and get all the deets. We’ve got you covered, shoe aficionados!

Travel, Pack, and Smile!

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Packing your shoes for travel doesn't have to be a dreadful chore. With hex-a-fun’s quirky, space-saving shoe bags, you can master the art of how to pack shoes for travel smartly, one step at a time, by even making sure your shoes are comfy, organized, and fabulous.

Remember, whether you're a messy packer, an OCD organizer, a light traveler, or any other kind of traveler who exists, our shoe bags have got your feet covered. Now what are you waiting for, Christmas? Spread the hack of efficient shoe-packing to all your fellow globetrotters.

Happy travels, Bon voyage!

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