3 Crazy Styling Tips To Lighten Up Your Outfit This Diwali

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‘Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes’

A big welcome to all fashion enthusiasts! As Diwali draws near, let's not only brighten our homes but also raise the fashion bar with some sizzling style tips!

This Diwali, let's sprinkle some 'spice' into your outfit and give a 'dhamakedar' look to your unique style. Imagine a world where your wardrobe transforms into a 'rangoli' of fashion, a 'pataka' of creativity, and a 'laddoo' of originality!

In the chapters of this blog, we're not just writing words; we're crafting a manifesto for your wardrobe. A voyage where creativity reigns and your outfit transforms into a statement—bold, unapologetic, and uniquely you. Let's dive in for some cool styling tips now!

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Redefine your ethnic wear with vibrant stoles

It's time to break free and let your personality shine

3 best ways to styling socks and hankies with your diwali outfits

This Diwali, be a ‘Cracker’!

Redefine your ethnic wear with vibrant stoles

 ‘Style Is A Way To Say Who You Are Without Having To Speak’ -Rachel Zoe

Who says there's no room for a little mischief when we proudly flaunt our love for Indian ethnic attire? Try something quirky yet classy, fun, and stylish. We've got some fun tips that'll have you saying, "Why didn't I think of this before?"

We're about to drop stole styling suggestions that'll not only have you owning ethnic wear but also expressing ‘be uniquely you’. Check out this handy cheat sheet for Diwali celebrations! These fashion tips will help you decide what kind of ethnic wear to rock with some quirkiness.

Bonus tip: Even boys can be stylish with these fashion tips

  • This one's for those who want to make a bold statement. Pair a quirky printed stole with your kurta pajama or salwar kameez for an attention-grabbing outfit.
  • Infuse a playful spirit with the colorful and vibrant charm of designer stoles. For a quirky and standout look, you can pair contrast-colored stoles with sarees and Indo-Western choli-skirts.
  • If you're feeling artsy and want to keep things a bit mysterious, go for the abstract-print stole. It adds a contemporary edge to your ethnic look, whether you're in a lehenga or a kurta.

It's time to break free and let your personality shine

all with the magic of matching socks and hankies

Now, as we explore the whimsical world of quirky stoles for your Diwali outfit, don't overlook the final touches. They're the magical sprinkles that can turn your look from merely "great" to a whole lot of "absolutely fabulous!" And what better way to do that than with socks and hankies? We're about to show you how to take your outfit game up a notch with this quirky styling tip!

3 best ways to styling socks and hankies with your diwali outfits

  • Outfit pairing: So, you've got your ethnic attire all set, but you want to add a dash of QUIRK. Enter funky socks and vibrant hankies. Pair any or both of them with your kurta-pajama, or even try them with your Indo-western fusion outfits.
  • Styling with socks: Choose socks that match the colors or patterns in your outfit. If you're rocking a traditional kurta pajama, you can choose vibrant-colored socks or a pattern that complements your attire. Feeling bold? Go for contrasting colors and let your socks be the star of the show.
  • Pocket square styling: Fold them neatly into your pocket square or use them as a quirky wristband accessory. Styling tip: You can match the color of your hankie to your socks for a coordinated look to your chosen Diwali outfit. Or go for a complementary color for a pinch of funkiness in your outfit.

This Diwali, be a ‘Cracker’!

 ‘Fashion Is The Only Game You Can Win By Breaking The Rules’

There you have it, fashion enthusiasts! This Diwali, don't just sparkle, sizzle. From quirky printed stoles to colorful socks that scream "Wow!" to hankies that love the attention, it's time to light up the festivities in style. Fly high with your inner fashion maverick, because why be ordinary when you can be extraordinarily you?

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